Sunday, December 31, 2006

What the Dumb Do, the Astute Will Dread

"People know who I am now," Edwards said Saturday after the West Columbia, S.C. town-hall meeting. Really? How many voters can name Edwards's law firm or the largest (billion dollar) law firms in the country? How many, on the otherhand, have heard of Halliburton?

This may help us non-lawyers to know who millionaire John Edwards actually is:

Columbia lawyer John Moylan is running Edwards' South Carolina campaign. source article.

Barnwell lawyer Terry Richardson, one of the state's wealthiest trial lawyers, is backing Edwards again.

S.C. Senate Democratic Leader John Land also backs Edwards. In 2004, Edwards got his campaign off the ground with donations from lawyers like Land and Richardson. His "base of support this time is tenfold what it was four years ago. He's in a very different place - a very different starting place," lawyer Moylan said.

Who are Edwards's Democrat competitors? Senator Hillary Clinton and B. Hussein Obama are both lawyers, of course, as are almost every Democrat candidate and too many Republicans.

Edwards is the only Southerner running among Democrats, whose last successful presidential candidates have all been Southerners. He appeals to certain constituencies, as evidenced by the exorbitant verdicts he extracts as a trial lawyer from juries of voters who elect presidents.

Edwards, remember, did surprisingly well in early primaries and caucuses of 2004.

Why are Americans so comfortable with 2% of the U.S. population holding well over 50% of elected offices? Could it be because lawyers hide bad news from us and tell us comforting, plausible lies (just as they do to convince juries).

Molten Eagle has been steadfast and bipartisan in opposition to lawyers in public office. In my opinion, nothing will weaken and defeat our military faster and erode our economy and public education quicker than the collegiality of lawyers in public office. We must each vote as we continue to see fit. This implies that are eyes be wide open and our minds engaged at least every so often. We have choices beyond admitted lawyers, those who hide that they are, and those who wish they were (apologies to Senator McCain, if he actually wants to be something besides a lawyer when he grows up).


At 01 January, 2007 12:22, Blogger Old Gary said...

Not all lawyers are bad. A few of them have gotten me out of "messy" situations.

Happy New Year.

At 02 January, 2007 01:07, Blogger Vigilis said...

Agree, not all lawyers are bad. I value several who do not at all fit the mold described. One is even a close relative.

In the navy, I received good help from lawyers on three, separate non-matrimonial, non-custodial, non-child support occasions. I also enjoyed playing handball with a fourth lawyer, a Lieutenant whose last name was actually "Commander".

In civilian life, I once had to sue a crooked lawyer.

None of these personal experiences has shaped my opinion of the legal profession as much as observing and investigating the way they seek, wield and hide their power and influence. What separates some lawyers from white collar crimes for which many mob figures have been convicted is a license to practice law.

Happy New Year to you (and no offence intended if you have ever been a member of the bar)!

At 02 January, 2007 16:43, Blogger Old Gary said...

Have never been a member of the bar, but have been behind bars a few times.


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