Thursday, December 07, 2006

Submariner Receives Predicted Sentence (Weinmann Part V)

So far, Molten Eagle's startling predictions regarding the espionage charges against Petty Officer 3rd Class Ariel J. Weinmann have proven true.

First, readers were advised on August 14th to expect disciplinary actions against more than one of the then Albuquerque crew. Then, in a Sept. 21st general court-martial in Groton, Lt. Robert J. Loomis III (ex-Albuquerque) pleaded guilty to desertion with intention to avoid hazardous duty and dereliction of duty.

Secondly, readers were advised on November 28th to expect a sentence of from 10 -15 years. Weimann pleaded guilty in Norfolk to espionage, desertion and other charges. He has received a 12-year sentence it was disclosed yesterday. The maximum was life without parole.

Next, readers were advised that Weinmann delivered sensitive biographical information to Islamic contacts for use in recruiting U.S. submariners to radical Islam. The DOD's ongoing cover-up has been embarrassingly obvious. A target country "X" will not be disclosed (unless Weinmann wants to serve a life sentence without parole, afterall). Stolen biographical information has been described as more than 30 secret files, including the personal files of submarine officers (source Kommersant) and as information, including military biographies with details such as nicknames, service history and childhood pets, from sources including the CIA and Department of State (source Hampton Roads Really, Weinmann had access to CIA sourced documents of officers? Does anyone really believe that, or that rather than religious preferences, such files included pets names? Someday the truth may be told. For now, my prediction is still on hold.

Weinmann told the judge during questioning about his pleas that he deserted in July 2005, because the service did not meet his expectations. "I had a very idealized view, basically what amounted to a World War II Navy," Weinmann said. Weinmann's statements were probably crafted to reinforce a popular perception of him as an immature youth with a parochial view of the world.

Interestingly, Weinmann pleaded not guilty to an espionage count accusing him of giving classified information to an agent of a foreign government in March 2005 in Bahrain (there is no Israeli embassy in Bahrain, by the way). This was possibly part of the DOD-approved plea agreement to cast suspicion only on non-Muslim countries.

Finally, in twelve years (less time off for good behavior perhaps) Molten Eagle expects Weinmann to convert to Islam in prison and emigrate to Canada, where he can join Muslim relatives and chums.

Disclaimer: I do not believe Muslim crew serving in the U.S. submarine service are dishonorable, that they should be profiled for extraordinary monitoring, or that they could be recruited by an Islamist state without prompt detection and removal. The Navy's normal surveillance procedures on the totality of submarine crews are nothing new, very covert and have probably been enhanced since 9-11. If salty line officers were still calling the shots instead of the current hierachy of JAG officers, dumb cover stories like this Weinmann debacle would never have seen the light of day, in my opinion.



At 07 December, 2006 14:08, Blogger Old Gary said...

He's a strange guy. I can't help believing that he's simply a sad product of our poor educational system that indoctrinates with diversity, multi-culuralism, guilt, etc.

At 07 December, 2006 16:57, Blogger Vigilis said...

Now that thought is scary enough to merit further study.


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