Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Submariner Secrets: de gustibus non est disputandum

Long before the general public ever heard about a Crazy Ivan, rigorous psychological profiles were sporadically required by the world's premiere submarine navies. Suspicions, if not outright evidence, that submarine volunteers must be insane are nothing new.

"You have to be experienced, highly trained, and match the psychological profile the Navy requires of its submariners (didn't know about that one, did you?). This process literally takes years and costs millions of dollars; only the cream of the crop make it." - Jon E. Dougherty, policy analyst.

When ex-submariner Jimmy Carter became U.S. president, such suspicions probably increased, but were quickly moderated to include his exceptional self-motivation (and some other stuff).

Individual submariner profiles are closely guarded (not only from us, but everyone else, we hope). What is not obvious is that submariners are repressed [c]ooks. Examples abound and apply regardless of age or nuclear training. Here is a very recent sampling:

Bothenook of the geezer's corner posted Sprengerle cookie recipes [does he mean Spring Girlie cookies?]. Insider secret: you can tell Bo' was a nuke because he mentions a step to eliminate any iodine taste from his recipe. I have tried some of his recipes before, and they were delightful!

Cookie from the Cook Shack-- Gab & Grub weighs in with his The Great Texas Chili Cook-off... Cookie has real cook experience, posts recipes often and says these might bring some tears to yur eye's... Here's Cookies' Insider secret: ...NEVER TRUST A SKINNY COOK ...

Gus Van Horn (an admitted alias) down in Texas, shares his Spaghetti Van Horn recipe with us. Gus introduces himself at parties with Hi! I'm Gus Van Horn! I'm a trial lawyer from west Texas! Before you try his recipe, WARNING #1: Gus makes it when his wife is in Chicago! WARNING #2: Insider secret: Gus reveals this about his spaghetti recipe I lost fifteen pounds in four months on this diet.

Some of you may be wondering what a well-adjusted personalty-type like myself has posted for favorite recipe. While I have published a few, none was politically correct. My favorite to date was this BEER ROASTED CAT (roof hare) recipe. Insider secret: The taste improves by substituting a teaspoon or two of curry for the cube of beef bouillon.

By the way, what does the latin phrase de Gustibus non est disputandum mean? It means There is no disputing about tastes.

Not all submariner recipes are as crazy as this Ivan. Will the real Crazy Ivan ever blow his own Horn? Somehow I doubt we will ever arrive at a good answer for this secret.


At 06 December, 2006 00:27, Blogger bothenook said...

hey! just who do you think you are calling insane!?
uh, never mind. the voices are telling me it's time to take the cookies out of the oven....


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