Saturday, December 02, 2006

Binnacle List: Lessons in Photo-Intelligence (Learning by Doing #3)

Well, holiday cards sometimes include inserts and readers know how seriously photo-analysis is attempted here. Critical comparison of his photos from March 2005 (photo at left) and currently (photo to right), might reveal some unwelcomed news about this mystery blogger. First, lets enumerate obvious differences between the two photos:

+ Political: Nationality changed
+ Economics: Newer Submarine
+ Status: Promotion (no longer wearing silly, red thing on belt, but notice present cap)
+ Physiological: Cranial capacity has grown slightly, and he matured (grew mustache)
+ Other: Consistently photographed at PD (periscope depth)

Tentative Conclusion: the subject has aged at a tremendous rate in a single year, probably due to the stress of political upheavals in the DRSP (Democratic Republic of South Park), wherever that is. The periscope depth thing could be a medical restriction consistent with the binnacle list. If psychological in nature, a depth restriction may also explain his bizarre, red belt ornament and cap.

Possible Confirmation: As recently as December 2004, subject submariner signed off 43% of his blogs (sample here) with the phrase "Going deep...". The phrase has more than a football connotation to submariners. The phrase denotes the best depth for submarines to avoid detection (commonly regarded as the sonic layer depth plus 100 meters (>300 feet). The fact that he no longer alludes to going deep certainly hints at some depth restriction.

No privacy rights were violated in composition of this posting. If you feel wronged (skewered) by the content of this educational piece, please follow the Law Advance link found at the top of this page to obtain economic assistance in the pursuit of litigation. Actually, the submariner used in this lesson is an honorable citizen, officer and a gentleman, so there is little outright chance he will sue me this time.


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