Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Chinese Submarine Story: Kitty Hawk UPDATE #3 (Support from experts)

UPDATES after this date: NOV. 21, 2007 may be found here.

A Chinese diesel sub surfaced near a U.S. task force operated from the American carrier USS Kitty Hawk on October 26 near Okinawa. The story was reported by the U.S. press in mid-November.

On November 13th, Molten Eagle gave you this accompanied by historical facts):
In reality, the presence of China's Song-class submarine had to have been anticipated by the USN, and ample US intelligence resources had been deployed in the area to gather clandestine data providing/confirming tactical capabilities and weaknesses.

And, on November 19th, Molten Eagle gave you this (accompanied by more facts):
Telling journalists that the Chinese had been detected would be telling too much, that is, that they had been expected and were being electronically monitored for future reference. But, perhaps China's sub had been helped into the provocative act of surfacing amidst a U.S. task force. Neither China nor the U.S. would be anxious to admit that, would they?

More than a full two-weeks after Molten Eagle first interpreted the event, others are lending their expertise:

A former CO of two U.S. submarines, Albert Schwartz, Capt., USN Ret., commented (November 27th) here:
In Cold War times it was standard procedure to try and track a diesel submarine with active sonar and ASW aircraft until the submarine was forced to surface by exhaustion of its air or battery. ... It is the Navy's job to detect and track an intruder. We need to do it to protect our forces in wartime and must practice it in peacetime. Failure to do so is our failure not a Chinese provocation. (emphasis mine)

And from submarine author (Seas of Crisis, Crush Depth, Thunder in the Deep, etc.) Joe Buff this was added on November 28th:
The modern Song-class passive sonars are certainly good enough to know at a range of 10,000 yards that a group of big and noisy surface ships was there. No PLAN [ed. Peoples Liberation Army Navy] submarine captain in his right mind would surface in such conditions unless he wanted to be absolutely sure that his presence, previously undetected within the carrier's inner defense zone, was made unmistakably clear to theater U.S. admirals and their higher-ups inside the Beltway.


At 30 November, 2006 19:05, Blogger reddog said...

We had our own copy of Operation Tokyo on the SSN 575. It got played alot and the crews mess was always full.


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