Thursday, February 22, 2007

Stealthy Iran: Beyond Submarine Periscopes not SEALs

According to Iran's Tehran-e Emrouz, plans have been put in place for a female-only island in the north-west of Iran. Officially, Iran wants the island to boost tourism under strict Islamic laws. Taking photos (or publishing satellite photos) of Islamic women who have removed their headscarves and donned swimming costumes would incite worldwide riots worse than Mohammed's cartoons, however.

Actually, the story is part of secretive plans to innocently explain heavy equipment (purportedly for road and tourist hotel construction) and increased traffic movements to and from the remote mountainous region around landlocked Lake Urmia (salinity second only to the Dead Sea's).

While the world assumes Iran's all-female beach will be located at a coastal resort, it will actually be stuck on a forsaken spot visible only from spy satellites. Perhaps this will serve Iran's peaceful nuclear weapons related activity in an area near Iraq's border. Imagine that.
Does Iran have real beach resorts on the Persian Gulf coast? Of course, Iran has resorts like those at Kish Island (women in photo above). Iran's current leadership is attempting to fool coalition intelligence professionals, it will ultimately confuse its own females. That is your problem, Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.



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