Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Tip of the Nation's Arsenal

Perhaps you missed or forgot this great submarine motto: The Arsenal of the Nation. Compared to previous SSNs, its class sports increased weapons.

Her sister ships' mottos are Cave Lupem (Beware the Wolf) and Semper Optima (Always the Best).

By now, you have identified these as the three Seawolf class (SSN-21) subs.

Here is the concluding text from a declassified report written by then Commanding Officer, USS CONNECTICUT (SSN 22):

Ironically, CONNECTICUT finished 2003 where she began, but with a myriad of accomplishments under her belt. Combating material problems with vigor, USS CONNECTICUT (SSN 22), the Arsenal of the Nation, will always be ready to support

any required tasking in defense of our homeland.

The report had been found and linked here for a while: For oldtimers, it offers a good opportunity to refresh your terminology such as fast cruises, RBPs, SPUs, etc. Example:

During a fast cruise pier side technical problems were noted with the ship's Secondary Propulsion Unit (SPU) as well as ongoing difficulties with the Variable Shunt Field Devices (VSFD) which control the operating speed of the ship's trim and drain pumps. Submarines are always silent and strange.



At 30 June, 2007 18:11, Blogger LBJ said...

Some great reading and an awesome photo. thanks for the great blog read.
little sis of a Seawolf Crewmember

At 01 July, 2007 12:42, Blogger Vigilis said...

Thank you for your comments, Linda, and your Skywriter profile is fabulously impressive!


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