Sunday, July 22, 2007

Only 25% Military Submarines? Annual Contest

It is time for Molten Eagle's Honorary Naval Historian for 2007 contest. Past titles have been awarded to Submandave, RM1(SS) (ret), and MT1(SS). Be first to answer either question for the 2007 title:
1. Can you find a link for the Gary Larson submarine cartoon identified below?
2. What is considered to be the minimum depth for at sea burials?

Those in the silent service long enough to have qualified have probably seen a few military publications like the 1960s -70s Fathom and its UK or Aussie counterparts. Today's Fathom seems to be a fleet wide publication dedicated to safety (can we guess why?)

Dedicated military pubs carried submarine cartoons on occasion. Ever see a military submarine cartoon, today? Hmmm! Most submarine cartoons are about commercial/sports vessels. Here, we see only 25% with any military identifiers.

The pun in the lefthand cartoon spoofs German U-boots. The one on the right is not really sub related, but it could be. Gary Larson of Far Side fame has apparently done one submarine cartoon ("The living hell of Jacques Cousteau's cat" as the crazed feline looks out from the window of a submarine.)

The good news is that after a long hiatus, Larson has finally published another Far Side Calendar (2007). Did you know Larson has an insect scientifically named after him? The Strigiphilus garylarsoni is a biting louse of a genus only found on owls. You have to grab these opportunities when they come along, Larson remarked.



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