Monday, July 02, 2007

Seawolf Mystery - Not a Blue Torbay, Yet?

In March 2006, we were somewhat perplexed by the peculiar, blueish color of HMS Torbay's Britannic Blue outer hull. In our exploration of naval camouflage history, we read

All submarines in the Med used to be blue. ... It is only in the very dark
waters that we need to have the submarines painted black.
- Terry Goodship, chairman of the Submariners' International Association

Now, it turns out there is a connection (some might even call it an omen) regarding the future hull color of USS SEAWOLF (SSN-21). The Wolf Fish, Anarhichas lupus, is caught commercially and marketed in the north of Britain as Scotch Halibut and Scarborough Woof. The fish is quite edible and known for excellent dinner quality. It is sold beheaded for obvious reasons.

The mature fish displays an unusual blue color. Four submarines of the United States Navy have borne the name USS Seawolf, for this savage-looking, solitary fish. Its strong teeth and projecting tusks give it a savage look.

So, what is the omen? Check out this news from Philadelpia, home of the first U.S. naval shipyard. Well, if you are not going to believe that omen, you will probably shy away from the other omen: Philly will be the site of the nation's first beheading by a terrorist cell.

You see, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer's news there is a puzzle: How did the seawolf head end up in a fox den in Pennsylvania's Hunterdon County? [my guess: a fox brought it there after a sport fisherman discarded it along a rural highway.]

Submarines are always silent and strange.



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