Thursday, July 19, 2007

Solution: Submariner Catch as Catch Can Sleep

In certain, unnamed countries... shortages of submariners has not been a problem, especially when some recruits are volunteered for submarine duty.

A shortage of qualified submariners becomes a problem still, however, if those countries both procure and attemp to operate more than one submarine at a time. Then, especially when several foreign aircraft carriers are nearby, qualified submariners not only perform their regular assigned duties, they must attempt to train the eager volunteers with whom they serve.
This means qualified submariners are awakened from their daily 2-hour sleep periods, each time things go awry (hopefully, still at the dock).

Senior leadership takes a compassionate interest in submarine crew welfare. Here, we see one solution invented by a Commander-in Chief, himself.
Apologies to Al-Fred Enewman


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