Friday, January 04, 2008

Submarine Prescience

It is certainly nice when ones' predictions come true. How does Molten Eagle do it?

Back on April 13, 2006, Molten Eagle's readers read Submarine Force establishes CSCO: Oh, CISCO! Uh oh, Hugo! At the time, most did not get the humor (Hugo Chavez supporters, for instance). The CSCO story was absolutely real. M.E. likes to goad Chavezuelans, however, and added references to the missing U.S. IV (4th) Fleet.

Late last year (October 10, 2007) M.E. brought his readers an unusual story about the U.S. 4th Fleet (South Atlantic) Operations Black Out , as in a news black out.

Now, about three months later (January 3, 2008), here's some support from our favorite Armchair Admiral, Galrahn: 4th Fleet Focus: Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick. Galrahn links his post to a Navy Times article dated January 4th. Well we all know at least 3 ways that can be done, so lets not dwell on details. The Navy Times article states: U.S. 4th Fleet, which hunted submarines in the South Atlantic during World War II until it was dissolved almost six decades ago, is on its way back.

Galrahn take: Another regional player is Venezuela. Huge Chavez may be the darling of western socialists, but his military moves, particularly in regards to building paramilitary forces and questionable policies with assault rifles is troubling. Should Venezuela actually follow through and put 9 AIP submarines in the Caribbean Sea that would be a valid national security concern for a 4th fleet.

Submarines are always silent and strange.



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