Friday, January 04, 2008

Tunisia Targeted by Al Qaida - Get Ready

Prediction: 01/04/08, 9:44 AM:
Without doubt, Tunisia has just become a primary Al Qaida target. Leaders of this nation must take added measures to avoid the fate of Bhutto. DEFINITION: ham-handed - [bumbling: lacking physical movement skills, especially with the hands]

Reuters South Africa - Dec 30, 2007- 2 alleged militants sentenced to death in Tunisia; lawyers plan appeal

Such clashes are relatively rare in Tunisia, widely considered a haven of stability in North Africa. Officials initially played down the incidents, saying the group was made up of "dangerous criminals." But Interior Minister Rafik Haj Kacem later was quoted by the country's official news agency, TAP, as saying they were hardened extremists. The group is thought to have links with Al-Qaida in Islamic North Africa... source

Tunisia is one of a few Muslim countries (with Azerbaijan and Turkey) that prohibits the hijab in government buildings. By edict, women who insist on wearing the hijab must quit their job.



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