Thursday, February 07, 2008

Between the Lines of AIP Submarine Defense and Video

7 February 2008 - US navy-v-dolphins judge says Bush can't overrule her - US District judge Florence Marie Cooper said the recent White House exemption allowing naval exercises to proceed despite her earlier injunction was flawed. She said it was issued on the ground that an emergency existed, when there was none. ... The sonar in question is mid-frequency active equipment, used to search for submarines relatively close to warships by pinging sound pulses into the water and listening for the reflected echoes. Equipment of this type has been in use since WWII. ... Judge Cooper's injunction was temporary, pending a final judgement. It said that USN warships were not to use mid-frequency active sonar within 12 miles of the California coast, and placed other restrictions on them.

2 February 2008 - Strategy Page - The U.S. has been scrambling to develop the ability to detect the new generation of quiet diesel-electric subs. ... New pattern analysis software was developed, and quiet diesel-electric subs from allies were used to test and refine the system. ... The most effective way of hunting down subs is via helicopters or maritime patrol aircraft equipped with homing torpedoes and sonobuoys. The latter are three feet long, 120mm in diameter and weigh about 40 pounds. They are used once, by dropping them into the water. The U.S. has two basic types of air dropped sonobuoys. The AN/SSQ-101 floats upright, sending sonar signals into the water, and transmitting any data bouncing back, to the aircraft overhead.
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