Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Blast from the Past

Last December M.E. alerted readers to author Askin Ozcan's story, The Red Submarine, from the Cold War.

May. 09, 1983 - TIME - After a six-month investigation, an official commission concluded that up to six submarines had been involved in a bold intrusion into the waters near Sweden's Musk Island naval base last October. The fleet was said to include three advanced miniature submarines, some equipped with tanklike treads for crawling along the sea floor. One of the minisubs, the report disclosed, may have crept 50 miles to the north, right into a waterway that runs through the center of Stockholm. ...Some experts think the Soviets could have been gathering intelligence to plan the invasion of Sweden and Norway, so as to gain control of the vital northern Atlantic sea-lanes in the event of war. '
At the time, Askin's agent told M.E.: The novelette has not been published for public distribution. ...the film, THE RED SUBMARINE is in the planning stage and is looking for financing.

Last month, M.E. posted Clues (and video) to Why Submarines are Always Silent and Strange The YouTube video we posted was documentary footage of the Whiskey on the Rocks affair. In addition, we brought readers this strange update :

Margaret Thatcher told navy to raid Swedish coast -MARGARET THATCHER ordered the Royal Navy to land Special Boat Service (SBS) frogmen on the coast of Sweden from British submarines pretending to be Soviet vessels, a new book has claimed. ... The cold war under the Baltic is detailed in a book by Ola Tunander, research professor at the International Peace Research Institute, Oslo. ... The West claimed the vessels were all Soviet, probing the country’s defences. Tunander believes many were part of a CIA-run operation by Britain and America that continued until the collapse of the Soviet Union. ...One British naval captain told him: 'Margaret Thatcher signed approval for every single operation.'

Now, the latest news: A New Novelette by the Turkish Author Askin Ozcan, on the Way to be an Exciting Film: The Red Submarine

Askin Ozcan has now copyrighted a new novelette for a film, to be titled 'The Red Submarine' or 'The Mini-Submarine', a dynamic adventure and espionage story based partly on real events, incorporating much suspense, romance, humor and music and is looking for a producer. Mr. Eduardo Coronado, a known film director has shown interest to direct the film and a few Russian film producers also show interest in this film, as the story is about a mini-submarine which lands on the Stockholm archipelago, after an instrument failure. The film is to be shot in Stockholm mostly and partly in St. Petersburg, Russia and partly in a big yacht, belonging to one of Russia's new billionaires.

Is anyone else beginning to see a pattern emerge? While Ozcan's film can still be entertaining and humorous, it's script seems to have been co-opted by the alleged perpetrators, the Russians.

All we need now is for a film debut on BBC.

The number of Swedes perceiving the Soviet Union as a direct threat increased from 5-10 per cent in 1980 to 45 per cent in 1983. - The Secret War Against Sweden: US And British Submarine

One book of allegedly true, top-secret operations, you can read; the fictional novelette, however, has not been published for public distribution. Which will make the better film? Take your choice.

Want more mini-sub intrigue? This should help. What do the three authors have in common?

Submarines are always silent and strange.



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