Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Submarine Quote and Mystery Part #1 of 2

QUOTE of the MONTH: The tin-can style submarines made famous in The Hunt for Red October just aren't aesthetically pleasing and designer Taizo Doi agrees. - Travis Hudson, Futuristic submarine concept takes a nod from the jellyfish .

All that remains is for designer Taizo Doi to build a submarine that resembles his 'aesthetically pleasing' jellyfish inspired design, get in it, and survive a dive as deep as depicted anywhere in Tom Clancy's movie.

At least another submarine builder, Duke Riley, seemed to appreciate fully that important little detail.

Speaking of Tom Clancy, prior to his filming The Hunt for Red October he was granted a brief ride on an SSN. Mounted in that sub's sonar room he noticed a roll of toilet paper for grease pencil erasures. He promised to include that detail in his film. True to his word, Clancy would.

MYSTERY QUESTION #1: On which SSN did Tom Clancy make that particular ride?

Tomorrow, the answer and Mystery Question #2.

YouTube video - the Hunt for Red October movie trailer:

Hunt for Red October movie
trailer ...



At 14 February, 2008 10:05, Blogger Nutty said...

The USS Dallas - He left us some autographed stuff that were hung in the wardroom......

At 14 February, 2008 14:40, Blogger KellyJ said...

When I was on Chicago (SSN721) we had a bunch of the producers/actors on board and they made the same comments regarding the TP roll we also had hanging in the shack.
Maybe this is a bit of trivia that ends up coming from multiple sources.

At 14 February, 2008 17:47, Blogger Vigilis said...

You guys are correct about film crews on Dallas, Chicago and more AFTER production started. Thank you both for adding your interesting comments.

The question actually asked about Clancy's ride PRIOR to filming, however. That answer is given in Pt. 2, and was quite another boat.


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