Monday, March 10, 2008

The Mother of All Motherships Suppresses Datum

In real estate there is a fundamental principle:

The three most important things about real estate are location, location and location.

In real estate appraisal there is also a paramount concept known as the highest and best use. (Property value is directly related to its use; the highest value derives from a use that is both reasonable and likely to generate the best return).

The silent service corrollary to things of utmost importance would include mission (preservation of peace and freedom), domination (of enemy and environment), and suppression of location data (noise, RF, light, magnetic, ionizing radiation, etc.). It is prudent to remember Retired Admiral Bruce DeMars observation:

The Submarine Force is important to the defense of our national interests. It has the only truly stealthy platforms in our armed services and is the heart of our strategic nuclear deterrent.

Discussion of motherships that does not include the highest and best use of submarine stealth is myopic, in M.E.'s opinion. If a submerged mothership has not already transferred relief crew and provisions to an SSGN or SSBN, I for one, would be very, very surprised.

Whether a wet trial has been made or not, related contingency plans had been addressed decades ago. Deployment of SSGNs in a declining submarine fleet makes the shell game much tougher to play nowadays without submarine motherships. Such a deception would be highly classified, of course, for the moment.

Some thoughts for reflection only:
Why bring SSGNs back to Guam for replenishment under the gaze of unfriendly observers?
Are these highly secretive subs already replenishing SSNs?
What is the design life of their new reactors?



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