Monday, April 21, 2008

Belly Dancing - Sub Transport Ultrastealth

No doubt submarine afficionados and others have read this:

HAIFA, Israel, April 17 (Reuters) - Could Israel use submarines against Iran?

But how? ... the submarine is hidden in the belly of a commercial tanker, which delivers it to the Gulf. ... The submarines are a subject of deepest secrecy given speculation that they carry nuclear-tipped cruise missiles.

Such is the plot of an Israeli thriller, 'Undersea Diplomacy'. Does it hold water? Perhaps not. Then again, the author, Shlomo Erell, is no mere novelist.
He's an ex-admiral with experience in Israel's most sensitive military planning.[emphasis added]

...Many analysts believe the Dolphins are Israel's 'second strike' weapons, referring to the Cold War theory that a country can deter foes from launching nuclear attacks by maintaining the ability to retaliate, even after its own territory has been laid waste. A nuclear "platform" out at sea is the best guarantee.

...Targets in Iran might be too numerous and distant for Israel's air force, especially as intermediate Arab states or Turkey would likely refuse overflight rights.

Had you realized the illustration above was created by M.E. and published on this blog back in 2006? - Trojan Transport for AIP Submarines - Cutaway of Amur sub in transport-tender Zephyr al Yemini (a juicy target). The transport vessel features an interior docking well for AIP-sized subs and provides a disguised helipad.

When did the good admiral actually write his novel? (Anyone found the book for sale on Amazon yet?) A lot of press, almost a puff piece for his novel. Can we believe the book's premise (Adm. Erell is mentioned in this, too) , or is it merely idle propaganda intended to intimidate Iran?

Submarines are always silent and strange. In their earliest days, such vessels were of necessity transported by ships, and therefore have been termed boats.



At 12 May, 2008 09:35, Blogger Chap said...

Been done, smaller scale. Check out the Italian craft CDR Crabb, RN was fighting in port back in WWII.


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