Sunday, April 20, 2008

Unique Surface Talent (Quote of the Week)

Molten Eagle has always held the talented folk of submarine tenders in high regard (and the same for Viet era shop personnel, especially some at the Groton sub base).

The quote of the week is from one of the slickest sub-related site that I have ever seen:

The USS Frank Cable AS 40 is the ONLY in service U.S. submarine tender in the world.

If you think the rarity of sub tenders bodes poorly for a related web site, guess again. Check out TenderTales. When you do, be sure to drag your mouse over the main screen (several times in fact). This site deserves an award, in M.E.'s opinion (no, don't know anyone connected with it, either). Very nice layout and an incredible wealthof information at the ready.

Almost two years ago (May 17, 2006), Vigilis posted Submarines, Always Silent and Stranger Than Fiction at Ultraquiet No More. How did I find this jewel of a web site?

Something in an article from today's (UK) TimesOnline caught my eye:

In 1943 Signalman 3rd class Schwartz, the son of poor Hungarian Jewish immigrants, began the happiest period of his life serving aboard the USS Proteus. He was fascinated by submarines, thanks in part to watching Cary Grant peer through a periscope in Destination Tokyo. .... 'It was hard work, sure, but it didn’t matter . . . because the 15 of us were waiting to be assigned to a submarine,' he wrote in TenderTale, a website devoted to the US Navy submarine tenders.

The article is worth a read. Who is Tony Curtis, 82, besides actress Jamie Lee's dad? An actor best known for Some Like It Hot (1959) with Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe, but he has had many other great roles.

Once in NYC he was at an adjacent table and gladly gave his autograph to a doll in our group. (At the time I was unaware of Curtis's WWII navy service). Too bad.



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