Thursday, August 28, 2008

Submarine Questions of the Week Involve the USS Kitty Hawk Again

What was the rationale for mainstream journalism's repetitious stories of the USS Kitty Hawk's encounter with a PLAN submarine reported in November of 2006, and 12 months later in 2007? Was it journalistic error? We may never know. Go here MAR 12 2008 to refresh yor memory, if necessary.

This week's submarine mystery questions also involve USS Kitty Hawk. The excerpt above comes from a hardback, non-fiction book published in November, 2007. The author mentions Kitty Hawk in passing, and the error does not substantively detract from his book.

Questions of the Week:

The paragraph was taken from page 95 of said unidentified book. While historical, the book's topic was Islamic rather than naval history. Nevertheless, both naval aficionados and careful readers (of this posting and the redacted paragraph above) capable of online research are capable of correctly answering all of these questions:

1. What error of fact has the author clearly made in the above paragraph?

2. Did the Kitty Hawk make the proposed deployment, and if so, which U.S. submarine accompanied Kitty Hawk?
Bonus Question:
3. What is the title of the book?

Answers will be provided next Monday. While we know U.S. aircraft carriers are assigned submarine protection, names of assigned submarine(s) are usually provided only in training exercises or publicity deployments, not in more serious engagements.

After many, many decades there is always a small chance that a juicy bit of submarine history may be declassified. By that time, however, the perils of time may include records destruction in an accidental storage fire, inaccurate records indexing, or simple disappearance.

Submarines are always silent and strange.



At 31 August, 2008 23:45, Blogger Tom Goering said...

OOOO! I got number one - Kitty Hawk isn't a "nuclear carrier"... :)

At 01 September, 2008 12:36, Blogger Vigilis said...

You certainly got that right, NavyCS!


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