Monday, September 15, 2008

Odd Submarine Beer Mystery

Someone's submarine violated Japan's territorial waters recently.

Japan says it was neither theirs nor a U.S. sub.

Was it China again? Singapore? North Korea?

Canadian and Australian sailors may have tired of Molsons and Fosters brews and headed to Japan for a change of pace.

German sailors could be stocking up for Oktoberfest!

This has as much to do with beer as anything we are ever likely to learn from official sources.

What is really odd is why Japan has called attention to the odd intrusion. Something may be brewing. M.E. expects a larger news story to be reported soon from another part of Asia. Of course, we could always be totally wrong.

By the way, remember when an allegedly undetected Chinese sub surfaced amidst a USS Kitty Hawk exercise a while ago? If a Chinese sub could really do that, why would anyone be surprised when Japan's MSDF's Aegis destroyer Atago spotted a mast in the Bungo Strait? If someone were attempting to secretly test your defenses, wouldn't you be concerned?

Submarines are always silent and strange.



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