Thursday, September 04, 2008

Submarine Visit Cartoon

UPDATED: Shown in the US Navy photo is USS Holland (SS-1) with visiting USNA midshipmen. The Holland was commissioned in 1900. Today, female middies often make submarine middie cruises.

Of the 4 nominees on the major party's tickets (Biden, McCain, Obama, Palin) which, if any has ever been on or visited a U.S. submarine?

If you know, please share the details (who, which, when, and where) with the rest of us.

The answer, which M.E. confesses not knowing, should surprise submariners no matter what it is.

Juan Caruso promises a cartoon dedicated to the first of you with a verifiable answer.



At 04 September, 2008 23:59, Blogger Aught Severn said...

My guess would be McCain during a mid cruise (assuming they did those back then). Good luck getting verification though, maybe a classmate would know.

At 05 September, 2008 10:22, Blogger Ken Adams said...

Consider for a moment the fact that Admiral McCain the younger (John's father) was a submarine officer with command during WWII, and the answer should be obvious.

At 05 September, 2008 12:04, Blogger Vigilis said...

Reid, middies have spent time on subs since SS-1 days (that's USS Holland). In fact, some were usually stationed near Annapolis for that purpose.

As to cruising, 'quick underway' may have been a more accurate description at the time.

At 05 September, 2008 15:33, Blogger Lou said...

When I was on a boat in Charleston in the early, we spent an entire week on Middie ops. We would race in to the harbor at dawn where a tug would bring out the day's complement of female middies. We would turn around and race back out to the dive point and dive for a few hours, then surface and race back in so we could unload them by dark. I was the bridge JA phone talker on the maneuvering watch for that underway. By the end of the week, I could have navigated the boat from buoy charley to the harbor without a pilot.

At 05 September, 2008 18:11, Blogger Vigilis said...

Ken Adams, thanks for your valid observation. You could be right, but I never heard of a 'Tiger cruise' or child visiting a commissioned U.S. sub before the Clinton era - from anyone - and I had the pleasure of serving with a WW2 submariner on his 'twilight cruise'. He had been in Pearl Harbor for Japan's attack. Hell of a chief, Pappy was!

Lou, interesting background from your firsthand experience.

Thanks to both of you for commenting.

At 11 September, 2010 08:05, Blogger Vigilis said...

Ken Adams,
Recently located material clearly documents a child of a sub CO visiting his father's sub prior to WW2. No doubt John McCain had made such visits, as well.

Good call on what should have been obvious!


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