Thursday, December 18, 2008

SECNAV Controversy - Not Much - Caruso

Two of the potential candidates mentioned for nomination to United States Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) by Obama are lawyers. Of the last ten SECNAVs (includes a few acting SECNAVs), only 20% have actually been lawyers. Another was a female with NCIS experience (she attended Tufts School of Law).

Some even want an openly gay choice for the position, but Mr. Williams's work history will preclude such a morale busting travesty with little merit beyond political currency.

Three of the past ten SECNAVs served in nuclear submarines, one of them as commanding officer. Another SECNAV would later become NASA's administrator Sean O'Keefe.
As we learned recently, the Behavior and Performance Working Group for a 1997 NASA study identified gender as a potentially limiting issue in selection of NASA space crews and even ground crews. Curiously, a member of the Behavior and Performance Working Group was Dr. Christine L. Schlichting of the Naval Submarine Medical Research Laboratory, Groton.

Submarines are always silent and strange. Rarely, however, relevant information is leaked through the space program.



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