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Strategic and Anti-terrorist Predictions Seem to Have Come to Pass

From January 20, 2008 - Background

Adam Yahiye Gadahn has been a media advisor for Al-Qaeda. He appeared in a number of videos produced by Al-Qaeda as "Azzam the American", and is believed to have inspired bin Laden's September 2007 video. On October 11, 2006 he was placed on the Bureau of Diplomatic Security Rewards for Justice Program list of wanted criminals. On the same day, Gadahn was indicted based on the testimony of the FBI case agent E.J. Hilbert II, in the Southern Division of the United States District Court for the Central District of California by a federal grand jury for the capital crime of treason for aiding an enemy of the United States. Gadahn is the first American charged with treason since 1952.

Vigilis's PREDICTION 1 -January 20, 2008: Gadahn' death imminent within 255 days.

FACT 1: September 7, 2008 - The Sunday Telegraph reported that Gadahn may have been killed by a Predator attack in January 2008 in Waziristan.[40] This was also reported by The Orange County Register,[41] KABC TV in Los Angeles, [42] and other news agencies.

(Well within the 255 days predicted, if still unconfirmed by CIA).


From November 30, 2007 - Background

A toy (teddy bear) was named Muhammad recently, which prompted Islamist Calls in Sudan for Execution of British Teacher. Like earlier instances of intolerance, this latest case provides an excellent inoculant against itself. Fortunately, it is also being spread worldwide by the anti-infidels themselves. Who could really ask for anything more?

Vigilis's PREDICTION 2 - November 30, 2007: 'Jolly Jihad in the Box' is expected to be a popular item initially available in infidel outlets for under $20. Unless, that is, the 'peaceful' religion's intolerance is tempered.

Some 1,000 printed reproductions of a drawing depicting Islam's prophet wearing a bomb-shaped turban are being sold for 1,400 kroner ($250) each, said Lars Hedegaard, chairman of the Danish Free Press Society.

Notes: Vigilis was thinking too small; pricing was too low at under $20.


From June 03, 2005 - Background

How about this scenario: Mexico gets furious with U.S. policies, abrogates all treaties and cuts a deal with China to develop mixed used ports (military and commercial) on our doorstep. Our close ties with India obviously do not help.

Vigilis's PREDICTION 3 - June 03, 2005: Modernized blimps would probably do a fine job denying acces to homeland littorals at costs the Pentagon could digest cheaply. Crew size is minimal and Al-Zarqawi's stash of heat seekers would not work well at much distance. Now, who wishes to scoff that our modern Navy would ever consider such folly?

The giant dirigible would use radar to closely and constantly monitor activity on the ground from 65,000 feet. The 450-foot-long craft would give the U.S. military a better understanding of an adversary's movements, habits and tactics, officials said. And the ability to constantly monitor small movements in a wide area -- the Afghanistan- Pakistan border, for example -- would dramatically improve military intelligence.

Note: Vigilis has been in denial; this seems to be an Air Force Project, for the time being...

But DAARPA must have been reading this:

PREDICTION 4: With an effective range exceeding 15,000 feet, and altitudes to 12,500 feet, Stinger missiles may easily target the 57 MPH blimp's dual Porsche 930 engine exhaust before heat decoys could be released from the Skyship's 1,500 to 3,000 foot operating altitude.

and this:

Crew size is minimal (3), but terrorist heat-seeking Stingers would work well at the nominally low altitudes before decoys could be launched.


FACT 4: The giant dirigible that will float 65,000 feet above the Earth, nearly impossible to see, beyond the range of any hand-held missile, and safe from most fighter planes.

Crew size is minimal (3), but terrorist heat-seeking Stingers would work well at the nominally low altitudes before decoys could be launched.


FACT 5: It will allegedly be unmanned.




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