Monday, May 25, 2009

Lasting Submarine Tributes

Above left: Kittery, Maine (April 15, 2007) -- Irene Harvey, wife of Capt. John Harvey who commanded the USS Thresher (SSN-593) as it sank in 1963, stands by a wreath she will lay into the Piscataqua River during memorial services Saturday for the 44th anniversary of the submarine sinking of the USS Thresher. John Cook, a former crew member, had left the Thresher three months before the accident to attend nuclear power school. "There's no closure for the families, no grave to visit," said Cook. "This is the closest thing you're going to get to that."

Above right: La Perouse Strait, off the coast of Northern Japan (July 8, 2007)--Rear Adm. Douglas McAneny, Commander, Submarine Group 7, lays a wreath into the Pacific Ocean in remembrance of the crewmembers of USS Wahoo (SS 238) onboard USS Frank Cable (AS 40).

To fully appreciate the number of U.S. submariners making the ultimate sacrifice, go here to find their names. To appreciate the volume of their sacrifice, select one submarine and see how long it takes just to count the names of crew on eternal patrol (one example: 84 names).

If you would like to help memorialize any individuals on eternal patrol, perhaps you can provide a missing photo or needed information to a great site via e-mail to: .
Lost submariners, in particular, are usually out of sight, but we should never allow them to become out of mind.



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