Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nurse A.C.O.R.N. Activist, I Presume?

Update to Timely Preview of Universal Health Care from April 21st. ...

The hallmarks of the terms public and universal as in restrooms or military conscription (the draft) have often meant lowered standards. Restroom sanitation particularly comes to mind in both public highway rest stops and VA hospitals (Washington post article) .

First there were revelations that VA hospitals in Florida, Georgia and Tennessee possibly exposed 10,320 veterans to hepatitis B, hepatitis C or HIV by not properly cleaning equipment.

As of today, 13 of those veterans have tested positive for hepatitis B, 34 for hepatitis C and six for HIV, according to the VA.An internal investigation released yesterday found that fewer than half of VA medical facilities randomly inspectioned had properly sterilized medical equipment used to perform colonoscopies, despite orders to comply with safety guidelines.

"There is no question that shoddy standards -- systemic across the VA -- put veterans at risk and dealt a blow to their trust in the VA," Rep. Harry E. Mitchell (D-Ariz.) said at the hearing. "And I’ll say it again, whether or not any veterans contracted illnesses from these procedures, it is outrageous that they even have to worry about that possibility."

VA medical facilities, because their employees work for the U.S. government using equipment owned by the government fit the classic definition of socialized medicine:

The literal meaning of socialized medicine is limited to systems of government operated health care facilities using government employed health care professionals.[8][9][10][7]. This definition applies both to British National Health Service hospital trusts and the Veterans Health Administration in the United States.

The internal report noted that the VA is not alone in reporting problems with endoscopy procedures: Private hospitals in financially struggling California and Pennsylvania have notified thousands of patients in recent years after similar concerns.

NEXT: What roles will the litigation industry play in the coming Universal Healthcare Scheme?

With few exceptions, the current administration is comprised of lawyers. There can be little doubt that the final Universal Health Care Act will initially allow private medical insurance accounts and health care providers. This will assure lawyers' job security (right to sue for malpractice claims). PREDICTION: Will the cost of health care be lowered like standards will? Of course, and when it does, the government will become the sole provider (last resort) for U.S. healthcare's lowered medical standards.



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