Friday, July 10, 2009

Balls to the deck! Questions of the Week

Submariners are often dissed by Marines for reasons that are often erroneous but always understandable. Still, I have met many Marines and hold their courage and military service among the highest regard.

Consider the photo above, for instance. The Osprey is the world's first production tiltrotor aircraft. With one three-bladed proprotor, 2 turboprop engines, and wingtip nacelles, the aircraft is incapable of autorotation in the event of engine failure.

The public naturally views the Osprey as a dangerous platform (contrast that to the public's perception of nuclear submarine service): submariners are luxurious and ultra-safe; they offer fine dining, excellent recreation, and the finest ports of call. Much of the public even believes submariners manage to avoid seasickness. We know the gory details.

Question #1-
Galrahn of Information Dissemination says this about the MV-22 platform today,
There are logistics and maintenance problems with the MV-22. Shocking.

If you ever meet a MV-22 pilot, the question to ask is... "How many times have you ever performed an inflight refueling?" It is a really good question with a very revealing answer.

Alert submariners can certainly find the answer to refueling without waiting to ask an MV-22 pilot.

Another point to consider is backdraft. Note the small bodies that jumped out of the MV-22's rear exit doors. See the size of those giant props a few yards forward.

Question #2-
How powerful is the obvious backdraft for those jumpers?

You may well be surprised by the answers, which will not appear here next week, or any other time. Gutsy, very gutsy.

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Submarines are always silent and strange.