Thursday, July 09, 2009

Update: Universal Health Care

The following half-minute (just 30 secs) YouTube humorously updates Horrors: Timely Preview of Universal Health Care posted April 21st. Yes, flies will be tolerated in hospital rooms!

This brief posting has only three items to keep in mind.

1- Citizens of the U.S. should insist that members of Congress subject themselves to the same health care facilities to which the public will be subjected, not the separate and privileged Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP) plan they currently enjoy at our expense.
2- The hallmark of the terms public (as in restrooms or military conscription -the draft) have often meant lowered standards. Sanitation particularly comes to mind in both public highway rest stops and lately, in VA hospitals (Washington post article) .
3- Finally, with few exceptions, the current administration is comprised of former trial lawyers. The final Universal Health Care Act will require private medical insurance accounts and health care providers assuring lawyers' job security (right to sue for malpractice claims). The cost of health care will rise as government-mandated treatment standards are lowered.


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