Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Submarine Collisions, Time Bubbles and Females - Part 2 of 2

UPDATE: Russian Subs Detected Off U.S. East Coast

Submariner Blindspot - Female Sailor News
(Continued from Part 1)

1) United States

2006 - Navy Women Recognized With Statue

First this:

Sept. 2007 - The navy said breast implants were not to make sailors "look sexy"Australia's opposition Labor Party has questioned the need for female sailors to be given breast enlargements paid for with public money. source

Then this:
2008 - Submarine Retention and Recruiting in a Job That Females Now Do

2009 - Why would China's PLAN (People's Liberation Army Navy) publicize co-ed nuclear submarine crews? Minimum height requirements will be 1.7m for men and 1.65m for women.

In reality, China may only be publishing misleading photos of female sailors aboard nuclear subs.

Some Chinese admirals feel the ruse will cause leftist U.S. politicians (mostly lawyers without military service) to demand that the USN assign female crewmembers to our subs. Such folly would obviously play havoc with and diminish the effectiveness of our submarines --- precisely the major effect China would like to see.

At the very least, Chinese officials believe the ploy would lessen harsh U.S. criticisms over China's withering progress in the realm of human rights. Next thing you know, China's navy will boast a Uyghur admiral, too.

4) United States
2009 - First Known Case of Pregnant Naval Academy Graduate
The U.S. Naval Academy reportedly graduated its first pregnant midshipman in May, even though school policy dictates women are not supposed to marry or begin families before completing their studies source
Submarines are always silent and strange



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