Tuesday, July 28, 2009

WANTED unusual submarine veteran

The cartoonish figure has both laboratory and teaching skills, but he may be working as a mild-mannered bureaucrat in Texas or Massachusetts.

Scant information about CAV may be found at his Gus Van Horn blog. He has been known to brew his own beer and is believed to be frequenting objectivist hangouts in Houston's or Boston's Bay areas.

Van Horn is well-travelled and utilizes unique stealth and survivalist skills obtained during U.S. military submarine service. When required, Van Horn can live off roadside asparagas plants, etc. and camouflage himself as a Rice U. student.

CAUTION: If spotted, do not attempt to photograph this cartoon character. Notify local A CORN authorities immediately. Van Horn should be considered testy and potentially argumentative, especially when provoked by religious zealots or Ayn Rand defamers. Do not attempt to engage in trite altruism conversations or expose his true identity on your own!
Submarines are always silent and strange.



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