Thursday, July 16, 2009

Socialism Is Favoritsim

Organ donors take note of Obama health care.

When your organs become available earlier than necessary due to bureaucratic delays or surgical wait listing, your survivors will have little doubt who the favored recipients of available organs will be. First in line are the U.S.Congress, their relatives, select constituents, and esteemed federal employees.

Bureaucrats in line for healthcare decisions implicit in the above paragraph will have obtained their well-paid positions through party favoritism, and will naturally allign their decisons accordingly.

Like all other socialist programs, Obama's healthcare plan is about reducing choices for average citizens. Favoritism, however, will rule the day with most excluded from the front of lengthened healthcare lines.

As health standards decline in the U.S., socialist leaders in other countries will rejoice that the high standard they once had been compared with has finally been eliminated. Commoners in their countries will face worsening standards immediately. Not the ruling classes and nobility, however.

Declining U.S. healthcare standards will also lead to more cases of medical malpractice to enrich litigious lawyers (no other administration has employed more lawyers than Obama). When private insurers are ultimately bankrupted by the onslaught of malpractice litigation, guess who selected trial lawyers will then be allowed to sue? The U.S. government will then encourage medical lawsuits under the guise of looking out for the public. Taxpayers, of course, will foot the bill for lawyers' fees and awards.

Welcome to the world of socialized medicine.



At 19 July, 2009 15:42, Blogger Subvet said...

Excellent post. I'll steal the chart for my own blog. All due credit to be given.

At 24 July, 2009 03:31, Blogger Vigilis said...

Thanks for stopping by Subvet, you are certainly welcomed to the chart.


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