Friday, July 17, 2009

Something is Wrong with this Submarine News

Something is wrong with the suggestion of this headline:

IN preparation for a possible attack on Iran's nuclear facilities, two Israeli missile class warships have sailed through the Suez Canal 10 days after a submarine capable of launching a nuclear missile strike. The development came as the head of Iran's nuclear agency yesterday resigned in a move that might have been connected to the country's post-election turmoil.

The headline imparts a fairly common expectation. In fact, the possibility of Israeli attack against Iran's nuclear fledgling nuclear capability has been expected for quite a while. In 2003, a Scottish newspaper claimed Israel warned it was prepared to take unilateral military action against Iran, if the international community failed to stop development of nuclear weapons at atomic energy facilities.[21]

Israeli increasingly pressures Iran to detour from its dangerous, nuclear pursuits, and the article specifies numerous examples.

"This is preparation that should be taken seriously. Israel is investing time in preparing itself for the complexity of an attack on Iran. These manoeuvres are a message to Iran that Israel will follow up on its threats," an Israeli defence official said.

Who would doubt Israel can suddenly attack and neutralize Iran's ambitions, like it did to Iraq's Osirak reactor in 1981? Not so fast!

The largest Jewish population in the Middle East outside of Israel resides in Iran. Accordingly, the Iranian Jewish community is guaranteed repesentation in the Majlis. Maurice Motamed currently occupies this seat.

On the otherhand, Israeli aircraft crippled Iraq's Osiraq reactor in 1981, after it had been damaged by an Iranian air strike the year before.

It should be rather obvious that Iran is not Israel's enemy, but Ahmadinejad and some of his team are. An Isreali First strike, therefore remains off the table and Ahmadinejad's team certainly must know it.

Is there a cleaner way of neutralizing Ahmadinejad's threat to Israel and M.E. peace? Since the recent election failed to replace Ahmadinejad, the best course is still the transportation accident predicted all along, and for which there has just been a conveniently timed reminder...

"The aircraft all of a sudden fell out of the sky and exploded on impact, where you see the crater," a witness told Press TV from the crash site. ... Conversations between the pilot and the ground were normal and did not indicate any technical problems, the network's Web site reported, citing the managing director of Iran's airport authority without naming him. Some witnesses say the plane caught fire before crashing, Press TV said. source

The plane's black boxes were damaged, apparently. Hurry, Ahmadinejad, take a trip to Venezuela with your key nuclear advisors.

Submarines are always silent and strange.



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