Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Molten Eagle's Veterans Day Salute Variations

Rarely has the U.S. ever been subject to the degree of confusing, political correctness demanded of our serving military by increasingly, lawyerly leadership.

Lets compare the performances of two officers in military Medicine.

The smiling M.D. pictured at left has deployed to Iraq and later Bosnia during her thirty-one years in the army. With both of her arms broken and a bullet in her back after the crash of her Blackhawk hellicopter near Basra in 1991, she could not fight her captors. Read more:,8599,438760,00.html#ixzz0WaQ3DKkM Her courage and resilience became a model for America's female soldiers in their expanded wartime roles.
Brigadier Gen. Rhonda Cornum's decorations include the Legion of Merit (with 2 oak leaf clusters), Meritorious Service Medal (4 oakleaf clusters), Purple Heart and Air Medal. She wears the airborne, air assault, and expert field medic badges.

. ...................................... ----------------------------
The smiling M.D. pictured at right has never been deployed overseas during his 12+ years in the Army. Since July 2009, he has been posted to Darnall Army Medical Center (Fort Hood, Texas) for eventual deployment with a reserve unit already in Afghanistan. This M.D. would have rendered back-office, psychiatric support to U.S. soldiers. Maj. Hasan wears the National Defense Service Medal (two awards), the Global War On Terrorism Service Medal, and the Army Service Ribbon.
Nidal (AbduWali) M. Hasan is now hospitalized in ICU at Brooke Army Medical Center (San Antonio, TX) in connection with his assault that killed 12 soldiers, 1 civilian and the fetus of Pfc. Francheska Velez at Fort Hood, Texas. Hasan's assault injured another 30.
Both of the above are decorated officers on a day of national recognition for military service. Has the comparison been fair and accurate?
Want the larger question? How does the honor of an Islamist male compare to the service of a liberated infidel female? Not very well, at all. Remember, Cornum, a woman, was shot in the back by a Muslim. Oh, Islamists protest, jihadists could not tell she was a woman in her Army uniform. So, when U.S. troops accidentally wound civilians it is o.k. because jihadists dress like civilians? Think again, one-way Islamist.
Perhaps one of the majors betrayed the Army uniform and cheated U.S. taxpayers out of the value of a costly medical education. In that case, a one-finger salute and ten tons of bacon bits may be appropriate in about 10-12 years, allowing time for a speedy trial, capital case appeals and eventual conviction. Alternatively, a hospital death might soon be more convenient for politicians bent on nonpursuit of the obvious.
Want another example of political correctness?
Submarines are always silent and strange.



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