Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Russian Sub Alrosa Pending (or not) Updates

UPDATE: April 28, 2010, by Dr. Dmitry Gorenburg, Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, Harvard University, in Military significance of the Sevastopol basing agreement:

The Alrosa submarine recently suffered an engine fire and almost sank.

Not really a minor maintenance issue afterall, but a real crisis at sea. Were any crew injured in the fire? Open question at this time, and one that only M.E. is asking.

Above is a photo of sub Alrosa at a Sevastopol drydock (circa Dec 2008).

Multiple accounts of Alrosa's recent misadventure are disputed by various sources within and without Russia. As yet, no Russian admiral has offered an official press release.

Unofficially, unnamed authorities have denied reports that Alrosa sent an S.O.S., required towing, or suffered an onboard crisis or even any major equipment malfunction. Reportedly, no crew has been injured, nor was ever in danger.

Additionally, Alrosa is expected to resume her mission (sea trial, training drills, black ops) when minor repairs are completed.

By now, defense officials across the world have reviewed related satellite surveillance photographs, read classified reports of connected activity within Russia, and shared intelligence. Only a Russian admiral, however, is entitled to paint a final picture of events. Other countries dare not publicize their intelligence (payback is hell).

When and if more information is made available from an authoritative source, M.E. will update the top of this page, repetitively, if necessary.

Based upon Russian denials further details should be expected. If, on the contrary, the true story involved a crisis, a permanent news blackout will confirm same. Four calendar days have now elapsed since an Ukrainian news agency allegedly reported Alrosa's SOS (about 8 AM, November 21), from 150 kilometers off the coast of Sukhumi.

Submarines are always silent and strange.



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