Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Federation's Sub Alrosa's First Mutiny

The following is neither an update to the blackout of the news nor a photo taken since last month's 'minor problem' with the Russian Federation's submarine Alrosa. Rather, it is a bit of Alrosa's curious history, more startling than even our USS Greeneville's (SSN-772) checkered past has seemed to some.
Laid down in 1988, as B-871, she was renamed (in 2004) Alrosa [acronym for Almazy (diamonds) Rossii-Sakha] in deference to her patron, the investment consortium JSC Alrosa Group. The Alrosa Group accounted for 97% of Russian diamond production (about 25% of world rough diamond production) in 2005.
On March 13, 1992, a number of Alrosa's crew captured the submarine and swore their oath to Ukraine. What happened next is anyone's guess, but something was suppressed by chief officer I.F. Leukhin, according to this RusNavy page, which also provides the following:
From 1992 - 1996 the diesel-electric sub was idled due to malfunctioning storage batteries.
We certainly have little clue to the rest of her history but, if this is true, someone at Black Sea Fleet Headquarters got in serious trouble for releasing this:

Black Sea Fleet submarine Alrosa suspended combat training in Black Sea on Saturday due to failure in power plant is being towed to Novorossiysk, informs RIA Novosti referring to the source in BSF HQ. [ibid]
Submarines are always silent and strange.



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