Friday, December 04, 2009

Film Review You Need to Know About

Finally watched it on Netflix Instant movies last night out of curiousity. Recommend Highly.

Islam: What the West Needs to Know

This 2006 documentary, which runs 1:38, is an examination of Islam by scholars and a former P.L.O. insider who should know whereof they speak.

The video has 6 closely connected parts. Midway through, I knew the film has not been receiving the American audience it deserves. The reason is obvious - we have not declared war against Islam.

Prepare yourself to be enthralled by this video. Though I had read several books on Islam's history and customs, the video was very educational still.

Viewers are left with key questions to be answered on their own: Are we at war with Islam because Islam declares it, nevertheless?; and, How we can ever prevail against Islamist one-way intransigence, in either case.

Islam is a religion, but it is dangerously more. Islam is a stern political doctrine requiring subjugation of non-Muslims, and dissing the values Americans, particularly, take for granted. The authority is convincing.

A review by The Charlotte Observer, which neither accepts nor rejects the film's thesis, is summarized with the phrase, "...if their central thesis is true -- and it's worth considering -- then this is the most horrific film of the 21st century so far."[0][2]

Watch it from beginning to end for yourself. Highly recommended for all Americans, including Muslims.



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