Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Best Male Menu for Super Bowl 2010

Icelandic men were recently spoiled by their wives and girlfriends. Men received gifts or traditional dinners on Bóndadagur or Husband's day, which fell on the beginning of Þorri (January 22 this year -- this past Friday). Rams’ testicles are the most popular treat—and have also become a popular export product.

In some places the man of the house received treats, in others it was up to him to treat others. There is even a tradition that the man of the houseshould run a lap around the house in his knickers. The husband's favourite food was also usually served.

There is great interest for Icelandic balls in Asia and the US, Ágúst Andrésson at the meat processing company Kjötafurdastöd Kaupfélags Skagfirdinga told Fréttabladid.
I'll say. Imagine if the Rams had made it to the Super Bowl this year!



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