Thursday, January 14, 2010

Most Interesting (Submarine?) Picture

Early background on Capt. Graf's dismissal as USS COWPENS commanding Officer is reflected below.
Although still accurate, an UPDATED treatment has been posted here.

waif - noun; Etymology: [of Scandinavian origin; related to Old Norse veif a flapping thing]
1 a. (Nautical Terms) a piece of property washed up by sea, but unclaimed.
Facing the Russian bear in this U.S. Consulate photo is then CO of USS Cowpens (CG-63), who was relieved of duty Wednesday after being punished for “cruelty and maltreatment” during her time in charge, the Navy announced. In an unusual move, she is being permitted to continue on to an assignment in the Pentagon.
What makes this photo interesting is reassignment of an otherwise waif to the current bastion of political correctness and gender bending, our Pentagon.
Still don't get it? Ask yourself why the story was published at a French submarine portal.

Le Portail des sous-marins”: Le commandant d’un croiseur de l’US Navy relevée pour ‘actes de cruauté’
Wonder how Capt. Graf will be connected with submarines (sous-marins), can we guess?
Any way you wish to look at this, the story is far from over. More at Neptunus Lex here and at I Like The Cut Of His Jib !!, where, if Navsurfer's incredible allegation is true, Graf committed an outrageous act unbecoming of any officer, much less a ship's CO:
Navsurfer said...[color emphasis added]:
I know Holly Graf. I have also served in afloat command--successfully and in the same AOR as COWPENS.This situation was about her putting her hands on an officer's throat in a fit of anguish, thus the IG investigation. Not a forgivable act for any CO, but eerily explicable if you know this CO and her negative temperment (as many, including former reporting seniors, did). That she doesn't have to show cause to retain her commission, and will be continuing on to her next tour at the Pentagon reflects poorly on a service that prides itself on its ability to self correct. She needs to be shown the door and relesaed back to the civilian genpop.
Submarines are always silent and strange.



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