Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Years 'Terrorism': Unexpected, Overseas Contingency Operation

PREDICTION: Mar 3, 2010 Leif Ivar Kristiansen's lawsuit against Iceland will not prevail (expect another update).

UPDATE 2: Feb 9, 2010 Norwegian Hells Angel Sues Iceland for Deportation - The leader of the Hells Angels motorcycle club in Norway Leif Ivar Kristiansen has filed a lawsuit against the Icelandic state to the Icelandic Ministry for Justice and Human Rights for what he calls unfounded deportation on February 8.

UPDATE 1: Feb 9, 2010 Hells Angels to Sue Iceland for Unfounded Arrest - He finds it strange that he was arrested [M.E. he has a criminal record in Norway] when he was traveling with his lawyer. The purpose with their trip was to prepare a lawsuit against Icelandic authorities for the treatment of another Hells Angels member, who was arrested upon arrival to Iceland last weekend.

Interesting Dec. 28, 2009 ...

Police in Keflavík anticipate Scandinavian Hell’s Angels will enter Iceland in time to celebrate New Year’s Eve with their prospective Islandic chapter. The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club (HAMC) is a worldwide one-percenter organization and crime syndicate whose members typically ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles.


“When Hell’s Angels come to this country, they are turned back on the border and I assume the same will be done now,” said Sigrídur Björk Gudjónsdóttir, Police Commissioner in Sudurnes municipality which polices the Keflavík International Airport, Morgunbladid reported.


Since Iceland (Ísland) is an island, turning Hell's Angels back on the border is somewhat of a naval exercise then? No, not when the anticipated entry portal is actually the international airport. So how do they get their bikes there? Hmm!
When ustaboat was stationed at Mare Island Naval Shipyard (Vallejo, CA) we would occasionally encounter Hell's Angels at our hangouts like the original Sugar Shack. Rather than hassle guys with military haircuts, some of these coarse gentlemen would hand us Hell's Angels business cards embossed with a slogan that has not changed:
"When we do right, nobody remembers. When we do wrong, nobody forgets".[12]
Submarines are always silent and strange.



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