Sunday, January 03, 2010

Submarine Mystery Questions - Jan 1, 2010 - Answers

Questions and Background posted on Jan 1, 2010. Difficulty level: Surfaced (average for navy)

1) Identify the underlying facility's (name, country, and purpose).
ANS: Pionen is located Located below 30 meters of bedrock in central Stockholm, Sweden.
The facility is an NOC (Network Operations Center) for Bahnhof, one of Sweden’s largest ISPs.
2) The facility contains a submarine klaxon from which country's submarine?
Bahnhof installed the warning system from an original German submarine.
3) Diesel generators shown were designed for submarines of what country?
Backup power generation is handled by diesel originally engines designed for German submarines.
4) Diesel generators of the type shown are currently used on subs of what country?
The diesel engines are currently in use on North Korean subs.
5) What is the make and alleged output of the diesel generators?
The Maybach MTU diesels produce 1.5 MW of electrical power.
Facility related YouTube

Submarines are always silent and strange.



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