Friday, January 01, 2010

Submarine Mystery Questions - Jan 1, 2010

BACKGROUND: Selected photos (above) of a unique facility bear uncanny resemblences to submarine / spaceship interiors. In fact, the resemblance does not end with mere appearances. The facility has atmosphere control, redundant power, and simulated daylight. Submariners would easily be comfortable working within such a commercial environment.
QUESTIONS (NEW [see note# 1] degree of difficulty is surfaced level):
1) Identify the underlying facility's (name, country, and purpose).
2) The facility contains a submarine klaxon from which country's submarine?
3) Diesel generators shown were designed for submarines of what country?
4) Diesel generators of the type shown are currently used on subs of what country?
5) What is the make and alleged output of the diesel generators?
note #1 - Difficulty levels in ascending order:
Surfaced (average for navy)
Submerged (average for submariners)
Test Depth (dolphins usually required)
Oulie (C.O.B. level)
Beyond Crush Depth (requires help from above)
Submarines are always silent and strange.



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