Sunday, March 07, 2010

Senior Pakistani official said he does not believe Mr. Gadahn had been arrested.

M.E.'s prediction appears safe thus far:

On June 2, 2008, ABC News reported that the U.S. Is Stepping Up Efforts to Capture California Boy Turned al Qaeda Operative,[47] and MSNBC on June 13 reported that 'U.S. tries to smoke out accused terrorist Adam Gadahn',[48] although Associated Press reported that 'Pakistani news sources reported in February that Gadahn was killed in a missile strike, but the FBI has not received conclusive evidence of his death, Eimiller said.'[49]

Gadahn was indicted based on the testimony of the FBI case agent E.J. Hilbert II, in the Southern Division of the United States District Court for the Central District of California by a federal grand jury for the capital crime of treason for aiding an enemy of the United States (i.e. Al-Qaeda). Gadahn is the first American charged with treason since Tomoya Kawakita in 1952.[6]

Do these extremists really believe being Hellfired with the applause of the civilized world grants them a magic carpet ride to Muslim paradise? Al-Zarqawi (who died exactly 90 days after M.E. had predicted) will not be happy to have al-Liki's and Gadahn's company. When fanatics become common, none is truly a martyr.

What is born every minute? - Not martyrs. Gadahn may be the ultimate sucker, because in seeking an easy way to gain respect and celebrity he has outsmarted himself. What a beacon of youthful example he is!

The Wall Street Journal reports

Senior Pakistani official identified the detainee as Abu Yahya or Abu Yahaya.

Earlier, media reports quoted officials in Pakistan as saying the man was an American-born spokesman for al Qaeda, Adam Gadahn. But the senior Pakistani official said he didn't believe Mr. Gadahn had been arrested. A second senior Pakistani official also denied that any American national has been seized. "Adam Gadahn has not been captured," he said.

It wasn't clear late Sunday who Abu Yahya was, or what role he might have played in the extremist group. If the suspect proves to be a U.S. citizen, it could highlight the small, but troublesome, role played by U.S. nationals in Islamic extremism.

If captured, only two questions pertain to Adam Gadahn.

1) Would he face U.S. charges of being a traitor? Absolutely NOT! For U.S. purposes a captured traitor is as good as dead; Gadahn WILL NEVER BE CAPTURED ALIVE!

2) What would Gadahn's California family say to excuse their traitor son? Was he abused as a child (the abuse excuse), or is he perhaps bi-polar?

Our prediction stands: the sucker is DEAD!



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