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Consider mutual agreement between France and the UK to conduct a low speed collision. Beyond the pale? In the current financial crisis, think of the money each country would save by abandoning boomer subs. Molten Eagle - February 16, 2009
A still better theory of why the collision occurred involves the U.S. and is less damaging to the reputations of France and the UK. If a bit of supportive evidence materializes, you will read about the latter at Molten Eagle. - February 17, 2009
..................... THE EVIDENCE HAS JUST SURFACED
Mar 20, 2010 - LONDON MediaCorp Press Ltd
Britain, France to cooperate more on nuclear defence: PM Brown
But both sides will retain their own independent at-sea deterrents

Prime Minister Gordon Brown said he had reached an agreement with French President Nicolas Sarkozy on nuclear cooperation during Mr Sarkozy's visit to London last week.

Britain's independent deterrent could cost the country £100 billion ($211 billion), according to some estimates, once modernisation to the fleet has been completed.Last September, Mr Brown said the country's submarine fleet could be reduced from four to three as a gesture towards disarmament, but the total financial savings were reported as relatively small.France maintains a four-submarine Strategic Oceanic Force, with each submarine armed with 16 missiles. AFP
Strategic thinkers will understand immediately how this involves the U.S. The UK could make the sole purpose of its nuclear arsenal to deter nuclear threats, similar to a new declaratory policy under consideration at the White House (Julian Borger, London Guardian II, March 18). This nuclear posture would conceivably remove all non-nuclear states from a national target list. .
Submarines are always silent and strange.

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