Monday, April 19, 2010

At Last! A Perfect Way to Assure They Get Your Message - with video

We have all met at least one or two super A-holes, even on our ustaboats.


Now there is a product that provides a Fast * Easy * Effective method to send them your message of disdain, no matter who they are (even government employees, because its value is <$20). Hmmm, some of our congressmen should never be without this product!


It works well, but that is hardly the point. This product can be given to anyone, because it not only solves a fairly universal problem in daily living, it comes with plausible deniability (the condition in which it is easy for a party to lie [about the reason for giving this gift] because the truth would create potential problems).


Watch the manufacturer's humorous, 1-minute video (half way down the page) with a nice swimsuit blonde and a handyman in hardhat. Hey, Extreme Bob really looks familiar, but it is not an old shipmate, bothenook, hiding holes in a wall of his home.


Submarines are always silent and strange.



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