Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Answers to Latest Submarine Mystery Questions

(notice postage stamped on picture side of postcards in those days)
Background to Submarine Mystery Questions of the Week - can be found here 05/30/2010.
Questions & Difficulty Levels (I-V):
1) Was the sub's submerged displacement higher or lower than its surfaced? I
ANS: Higher (73.6 tons).
2) Was the sub's submerged range higher, lower, or the same as its surface range? II
ANS: Much Lower (30 miles).
3) Was the sub's surface speed higher or lower than its submerged speed? II
ANS: 17 percent higher.
4) What was the diameter of the torpedo tubes (in rounded inches)? III
ANS: 18 inches (17.7).
5) What was the sub's nationality and class name? III
ANS: French; the Naiade class.
6) What was the sub's name? IV
ANS: Phoque (seal).
7) What year were subs of this class stricken and are any examples extant? V
ANS: Stricken in May 1914; yes, the submarine Alose (1904) is exhibited at the Comex, Marseille. V
Submarines are always silent and strange.



At 02 June, 2010 18:07, Blogger Cookie..... said...

Damn mate! I was able to pin it down to the French Naiade class, but not which one (I think there were 3). I also couldn't find the statistics you asked for. Good questions amigo!

At 02 June, 2010 18:24, Blogger Vigilis said...

Cookie, these mystery questions were much tougher than usual. You did well to get the two answers, mate. Remind me never to underestimate you!

At 03 June, 2010 13:28, Blogger Cookie..... said...

BTW, I linked to ya in todays post... ;-)


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