Thursday, July 08, 2010

Academy females wearing shirts? - What is your guess?

Volume 184 v Summer, 2005 - MILITARY LAW REVIEW - (page 5) Military Appearance standards - 19 see e.g. ,Deweese, 812 F.2d at 1367 (finding unreasonable a blanket prohibition on shirtless jogging).

27 July 06 - Common (Heat Exhaustion safety) medical sense NMR CWO (Europe)
20 May 2009 - Wednesday: Shirtless plebes climb a phallus [Herndon monument]

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — The Naval Academy’s outgoing superintendent took aim Wednesday at the decades-old tradition in which midshipmen struggle to climb a campus monument, citing the risk for injuries and his belief that new team-based training is a better way for plebes to finish their first year at Annapolis.

Vice Adm. Jeffrey Fowler said he wasn’t canceling the annual climb of the Herndon Monument, scheduled for May 24, nor would he predict when it might go away, but said he wants the “focus” for plebes to be the intensive training called “sea trials,” which he said give a better team-work experience for students.

7 July 2010 - Naval Academy says 4 treated for heat exhaustion
(AP) – ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Four midshipmen at the U.S. Naval Academy are being treated for signs of heat exhaustion after running an obstacle course in near 90-degree weather that is part of an Eastern heat wave. Naval Academy spokeswoman Judy Campbell says said they were being treated and monitored. She did not know if the individuals were men or women or if they were taken to a hospital.
How many think the heat exhaustion victims were women wearing shirts?



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