Friday, July 02, 2010

Depiction of Disgraced, Nobel Prize-Winning, U.S. Politician (from Asia, but no language barrier)

Submarines are ALWAYS silent and strange, but this rare YouTube (1 minute and 42 seconds) is equally mysterious. You will not need to understand the asian language to interpret the depiction, and the words Laurie David and DNA can be heard clearly.

Like the Nobel Prize, however, this video's origin and judging remain very murky. Perhaps Skippy-san, an aviation and Far East Cynic guru will enlighten us when he lands.

Presented as a public service, educational 501(c)3...

Mr. Gore is innocent until found guilty of more very poor judgement. His legacy awaits and is not looking very kindly toward him.

Sympathies to the late Alfred Nobel.

Hat tip to Teflon at MoltenThought.

The behavior of career politicians is suspect while the source of their greatest prizes and ridicule are strangely foreign.



At 02 July, 2010 21:53, Blogger Cookie..... said...

Loved the "sympathies" line to Alfred Nobel.....for BOTH GORE and our illustrious inept leader of the free world, Mr. Obama. I respect the Office of the President, but certainly NOT the man presently in it!


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