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Submarine Questions of the Week for 7-5-2010

05 Jul 2010 - Telegraph UK - Pentagon plans 'flying submarine' Pentagon researchers are attempting to develop a military vehicle which can travel underwater like a submarine before bursting out of the waves and flying like an aeroplane.


Posted Date: October 03, 2008
Response Date: December 12, 2008
Archive Date: October 04, 2009

DARPA is soliciting innovative research proposals on the topic of a Submersible Aircraft. In particular, DARPA is interested in a feasibility study and experiments to prove out the possibility of making an aircraft that can maneuver underwater. The proposal needs to outline a conceptual design along with identifying the major technological limitations that need to be overcome in order to maneuver an aircraft underwater. In addition to the conceptual design studies, performers need to outline experiments or computational models that will be used to demonstrate that the major technological limitations can be overcome.
In development since 2008, DARPA's submarine aircraft has reached design proposal stage, and several outside developers have submitted designs. DARPA could start allocating funding to developers in as little as a year.
1) Identify the concept illustrated by the drawing above: what was its abbreviated name?
2) What was the approximate year of the concept and describe its weapons?
3) What country attempted to develope it and did it ever become viable for service?
4) Two major obstacles needed to be overcome before a submersible aircraft like the one illustrated could become viable; what were they?
5) DARPA's concept will be unmanned, like this, (a fact journalists omit); have the 2 major design obstacles (see question 4) been overcome?
ANSWERS: 5) - pending until further notice; 1)-4) - SXAXTXUXRXDXAXY MONDAY
Submarines are always silent and strange.



At 05 July, 2010 23:21, Blogger Tom Goering said...

1) RFS-1?
2) Early 1960's

I shall do more research and attempt to answer the others.

At 06 July, 2010 11:57, Blogger Cookie..... said...

I think I'll wait till the end of the week to post my answers so someone else can have a chance.

At 08 July, 2010 21:59, Blogger Cookie..... said...

1) Concept by young Russian cadet named Ushakov. Abbreviated name "LPL", russian for Flying Submarine.

2)Year of concept 1934. Two 18" Torpedoes.

3) Russia attempted the concept but it never became viable and project was abandoned.

4) Not enough clearence from propellers to water, and very limited range of op's, 500 miles. Weight main drawback.

5) Couldn't locate info regarding this Q.

At 09 July, 2010 23:17, Blogger Tom Goering said...

OK Cookie, where did you find that? I found conflicting stuff and had a hard time deciphering which concept belonged to what facts... Gahh, I am thankful this wasn't a graded assignment :)

At 10 July, 2010 16:58, Blogger Cookie..... said...

Just did a lot of Googling mate, and yes, I found conflicting info as well, so I'm not sure exactly what is true and was isn't.


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