Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How and Why Submariners with Squeaky Voices have been banned

To say this is about female submariners would not be the whole truth. It is about submariners of both genders who appear in the miniseries The Deep (Episode 2 recap).
Exactly one week after M.E. posted this August 4th First episode review of BBC's "The Deep":
BBC turns out some top-notch programming. Hopefully, this mini-series will eventually resurface as one. Take, for example, the advanced Neon-Ox noble gas mixture being used in the series opener. May we presume it is also inhaled by Royal Navy divers and had already been published in Wikileaks?
The following excerpts appeared in a BBC YouTube video dated August 11, 2010, in which "Simon Donald and Producer Will Gould talk about dramatising science, James Cameron, moon pools and creating extraordinary underwater environments."

In The Science of the Deep writer Simon Donald states [0:07],
"There's a lot of science in the show, and, and there's a degree of, in which when you dramatize science you kinda move into a science fiction world a little bit. We've kept that really limited." - The Deep - BBC One
Producer Will Gould further explains as regards NeonOx [2:50], "In reality if they were going to that depth in order to have the pressure on the inside high enough they would have to be breathing a helium mix, which would have ever the more squeaky voices like chipmunks." [emphasis added]
And Mr' Donald [3:00] states: All our submarines run on, on with a NeonOx and breathing system built into them, which is as close to science fiction as, as we've gone really.
Actually previews of The Deep promise a very entertaining and dramatic series, despite the inevitable barbs any theatrical performance of this nature attracts from veteran submariners. The special effects and hull views of Orpheus are also very impressive. No wonder the British have excelled at camouflage.
Submarines are always silent and strange.



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