Friday, August 06, 2010

Favorite Quotes of the Week - 8-6-2010

This Week's Favorite Quotes from skilled writers, thinkers and professionals
Don't Call Us, We'll Call You
IRS spokeswoman Lea Crusberg said Thursday that the agency has signed a two-year lease on another office space in Austin. She declined to identify the location. - The Associated Press, August 06, 2010.
How Liberals (Fail to) Think
Wonderful government services are always there when the cold, heartless marketplace lets you down! So I came here to the library, and… still couldn’t connect. - Brad Warthen at God doesn’t want me blogging this week, August 5, 2010.
Artistic License
Did US Aerospace Hire George Costanza to Manage the USAF Tanker Contract? [Title] - Robert Farley at Information Dissemination, August 5, 2010.
How Courts (Fail to) Reason
The strongest historical reference in the US of gay marriage is something that was not really a marriage at all, basically living as female roommates. And the first real US gay marriage was in 1969 and now the courts are fighting to declare it equal to marriages that have been going on for centuries. This boggles the mind. - Fred Fry at Fred Fry International, August 4, 2010.
Editorial Inattentiveness
Icelandic Tycoon Relocates Assets After Freezing [Title]. - Iceland Review, August 4, 2010.
Submarines are always silent and strange.

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