Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Admiral understates the obvious

Sevastopol - Interfax-Ukraine - Kyiv Post

Formal remarks during Ukrainian Armed Forces Day marked December 6, 2010:

In 2011 we will have more constructive aspects linked to inter-specific groups. I think that my colleague and I will again discuss what has to done. These will be worthy drills aimed at the protection of our native Ukraine and Russia here in Crimea, - Vice Admiral Vladimir Korolev, Commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet

Thanking his colleague for training assistance provided to Ukrainian sailors on the Russian Black Fleet's submarine Alrosa [color emphasis mine]:

We are working together. They have provided significant assistance to us in training our submariners. I think that our submarine will soon also put to sea, - Ukrainian Navy Commander, Admiral Viktor Maksymov
Notes: The Alrosa does not seem to have gotten underway on her own power since November 2009, when a minor malfunction requiring towing to port had been reported. More here. The Alrosa has often attracted unwanted attention as something of a mystery sub: The Federation's Sub Alrosa's First Mutiny ...
Submarines are always silent and strange



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